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Raylana is a frequent national and regional media contributor who has produced several articles on a variety of human resources and employee benefits topics, including contributions to550_4103435

The Wall Street Journal, CFO, 

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Inc.

HR Magazine

InterBusiness Issues

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Other significant titles include:

Visions of the Future: HR Strategies for the New Millennium
Author. Alexandria, VA: Society for Human Resource Management, 2000

Mandated Benefits: A Practical Guide to Cost-Effective Compliance
Co-author.  McGladrey & Pullen.  New York, NY:Panel Publishers, a division of Aspen Publishers, Inc., 1995; subsequently revised (including author re-writing) and published as Mandated Benefits: 2000 Compliance Guide.

Americans with Disabilities Act: Complying with the Requirements
Co-author. McGladrey & Pullen, LLP.  Austin, Texas: Sheshunoff Information Services Inc., 1997 ed.

The Family & Medical Leave Act: A Practical Guide to Cost-Effective Compliance 
Co-author. McGladrey & Pullen.   New York, NY: Panel Publishers A division of Aspen Publishers, Inc., 1993