The Gift of Site Sight

In response to questions about a favorite activity, I have told others that one of the best things about scuba diving is the peacefulness of it.  One plans the travel and packs the luggage.  Once there, one endures the hauling, checking, donning gear and the entry itself.  Then, the reward – the gift – is … Continue reading The Gift of Site Sight

Ludic Loopiness

Curious about a new term, I recently checked a definition of ludic loop: doing something over and over again because every once in a while you get a reward.   Considering the definition and how it might apply to the workplace, one imagines its usefulness in several situations.   For example: Individual Level: As a … Continue reading Ludic Loopiness

“Work” that Reflection

Once your organization decides to make intentional Culture change, the work has only begun.   After agreeing on the need, value and direction of the change, each individual must be invited and expected to participate.  At this individual level, ongoing work and success requires: Description: What work behaviors demonstrate this new intentional Culture: the way … Continue reading “Work” that Reflection

Defying Gravity

A familiar quote, “Get up, dress up and show up.” is attributed to author Regina Brett. It has entered my head and helped me start more than a few days through tough times. I have heard myself remind colleagues of the sentiment. We all have tough times, and we find different ways to keep moving … Continue reading Defying Gravity