Toxic Tolerance?

Once upon a time individual employees quit bad bosses.  Attentive leaders could notice a trend, identify the problem (i.e., the bad boss) and make decisions: coach, train, transfer (!), threaten, discipline, ignore, etc.  Of course some of these decisions led to better outcomes than others in terms of managing employee turnover and the impact of … Continue reading Toxic Tolerance?

The Payroll Puzzle

A topic often raised in conversation with business owners starts with the question, “Should payroll report to HR or to Accounting?”  A flip response could be simply, Yes – or Either.   Responding more fully: The key to deciding the question is understanding that the payroll process is much more a puzzle than a straight … Continue reading The Payroll Puzzle

Keeping Your Head Up All Day

Recently while looking at some papers I’d been keeping, a couple of lines caught my eye: (You) should never work in a place where you want to keep your head down. Unrestrained venting just transfers your stress to everyone around you and (a favorite) How (you) do anything is how you do everything.   What … Continue reading Keeping Your Head Up All Day

Not One Thing at a Time: Compliance as a Business Process

By description, a business process is a set of activities that, once completed, will accomplish an organizational goal.  Likely several processes come to mind as you consider this description: sales, marketing, finance/accounting, product development, etc.   Now think about compliance.  Rather than viewing compliance as a burden, an extraneous requirement or waste of time, instead … Continue reading Not One Thing at a Time: Compliance as a Business Process