I really feel like we have grown a ton, and (Raylana) should get the credit for a lot of it.  Every week I meet with my guys, and I feel like our culture is real and healthy.  I hear stories of other companies with good people but terrible work environments, which we DON’T have here and hopefully never will.

So THANKS again for the time you took in the past and continue to offer as a voice of experience to draw from when it comes to HR and managing people.  I really appreciate it and use what I’ve learned every day!

With Raylana’s help, we have improved interviewing and selection practices; restructured our compensation programs; and documented payroll processing: a valuable variety of effective HR practices now a part of our continued business success.

Raylana’s collaborative approach and ability to ask critical, sometimes difficult, questions have helped build our management team’s skills and confidence.


“As an owner of a small business, I needed someone who could guide me with respect to human resources.  Raylana has provided me with ongoing knowledge on everything from basic employment rules, forms and regulations to solutions for recruiting and retaining top talent.  As a result, I am able to confidently move forward with growing my staff and focusing on quality services for our clients.  She has become a critical component to the team of professionals who keep my business growing.”

“(in an interim/consultant role), Raylana provided fantastic leadership and direction to our HR generalist. She ensured the essential balance of daily HR operations as well as diving into many significant projects. Raylana completed research, analysis and recommendations which led to strategic changes to several policies and benefits. (She) quickly endeared herself to our Department Directors. We respect and value her technical knowledge and experience.”