Benefits and Design

Benefits Design: Keep Employees Happy without Breaking the Bank

27_2522062For small and medium-sized employers, designing benefit programs can present a unique challenge. On the one hand, these businesses need to provide ample incentives to attract top talent and keep their best employees from seeking new opportunities. On the other hand, they have to do so while working under very real financial constraints.

Anderson Consulting can help you manage your budget and your benefits package in a way that keeps employees happy without breaking the bank.

Drawing on years of experience, Raylana can show you how to move beyond base pay to explore things like bonus structure, retirement accounts, paid time off, and insurance coverage to not only find the true costs of hiring, but also how to design a compensation package you can live with.

Understanding the Way Benefits Work

When it comes to compensation, one size definitely doesn’t fit all – for you or your team members. And, some of the most expensive perks you can provide aren’t the ones your employees really want.
We use our experience to help you navigate the maze of employee benefits design, including:

  • Reviewsthat help you understand the real costs associated with new hires and existing employees
  • Benefit design assistance that’s based on smart recommendations, not direct sales
  • Position benchmarking that helps you stay competitive without giving away too much
  • Customized compensation design so you can create value for your employees that drives them toward your business goals
  • Guidance to keep you on the right side of fair hiring practices

Find the Compensation Sweet Spot With Anderson Consulting

There is both art and science to employee benefits and compensation – and mastering it is easier with decades of experience. If you’d like to take the guesswork out of the process, Call Anderson Consulting today at 309.657.4449 to schedule a free consultation and better align employee benefits with your business goals.