Developing Creativity

I am struck by the frequency of seeing Innovation among business goals in a variety of organizations and industries.  Makes sense.  Innovation leads to acceptance and management of change; adoption of tools and practices; development of new services and products.   In at least a few organizations, however, active development of creativity (i.e., innovation) fails … Continue reading Developing Creativity

Peering Into Fuzzy Crystal Balls

The Department of Labor (DOL) is busy reviewing over 290,000 public comments submitted on proposed key changes to the regulations defining exemptions from the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Good for business leaders who made their opinions known: whether in support or contention. Experts agree that change will come, as this issue has the focused … Continue reading Peering Into Fuzzy Crystal Balls

Sprinkling and Dunking

Of the many reports and research articles I have read over the years, some findings stay with me and form a baseline from which ideas can spring.  I don’t propose here to repeat the research or even to assure that I’ve stated findings precisely.  Nonetheless, there are opportunities to learn.   Apparently, a habit “comes … Continue reading Sprinkling and Dunking

The Founders’ Wisdom For Today

Our nation’s Declaration of Independence was framed and signed many years ago. A unanimous decision by fifty-six men taking the risk of being punished as traitors made it happen.   What powerful reminder is revealed yet today in that enduring language?   As you may enjoy a periodic reading of this document, pay attention to … Continue reading The Founders’ Wisdom For Today