Anderson Consulting is a strategic, results-driven human resources consulting firm providing services to a multitude of organizations including:

  • Private and public employers both for-profit and not-for-profit
  • Start-up organizations
  • Organizations needing to downsize business structure
  • Organizations capturing new business opportunities


As both an internal HR executive and external HR consultant, Raylana has worked alongside business leaders to efficiently develop, implement and maintain impactful HR practices that align with their unique business goals. Implementations include:


  • Leading and managing large-scale change initiatives including acquisitions and IPO introductions
  • Aligning practices for transitioning organizations
  • Setting and linking HR strategy to business strategy
  • Selecting and retaining the right employees
  • Employee relations issues including performance management/coaching and confidential investigations
  • High potential (HiPo) identification
  • Benefits & Compensation (i.e., total rewards) strategy, program design and implementation – including planning for health care reform
  • Employee/Supervisory coaching, development, mentoring and training
  • Compliance [including policies, wage & hour (FLSA) review]


Public Seminars & Workshops

Raylana offers targeted seminars and workshops for national, regional and local audiences.
Topics Include:

  • Risk Management Through Talent Management
  • New Frontiers in Employee Performance Management / Creating an Earning Environment
  • Compensation & Benefits Strategy
  • HR’s Role in Mergers & Acquisitions