An individual has resigned, and you’re the potential hiring manager.  Where to begin?


If your response is to contact human resources and re-fill the position just as it was, you’re not alone.  Perhaps, though, this is an opportunity to (re)consider your approach: one that builds on the strengths of your team and the organization.


Past and Present

  • Consider your current team: their talents, skills, experience and competencies.
  • Consider situations in which your team has succeeded and note the reasons.


Future:  Now look ahead to situations the business will face over the planning period ahead.

  • What needs to be accomplished?
  • What skills and competencies will help your team continue to succeed and contribute to business success?
  • Which individuals do you or will you rely on?
  • Whose strengths can be leveraged and shared?
  • Whose skills or competencies need additional polish?


Based upon these considerations, decide what competencies will be important to the success of a new hire within the team.  Consider the variety of prior experience an individual may have that would demonstrate these competencies.


If the organization talks about promoting and developing from within,  look for individuals ‘hidden’ within other departments or locations who could be successful in this position if only offered the opportunity.


Asking current team members for connections and suggestions can add to your store of knowledge while adding the additional benefits of continuing team building, trust building and team ownership of the process.


This combined information and knowledge will be a giant step to initiate active recruiting – internal and/or external – that can bring potentially strong applicants to your attention.